Health & Safety

The business success of ATC Ghana depends on our ability to deliver the highest level of customer service whilst providing safe, compliant and excellent tower sites as well as safe working environment for our staff and visitors.

ATC Ghana recognizes that in its attempt to achieve its mission and vision, its activities will have an impact, directly or indirectly on the environment within which the company does business.

At ATC Ghana the health and safety of our employees is paramount and we are committed to abiding by all industry and government safety regulations and we expect our contractors to adopt those regulations as well.

ATC Ghana has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to non-compliance with safety protocol and we expect the same from those we do business with.

ATC Ghana is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness (OHS&W). As an OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company ATC Ghana Health and Safety Management System complies with the requirements of BS: OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001:2007.