Site Access and Emergencies

Who do I contact to gain access to a site or in the event of a site emergency?

Please call our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) toll free at +233-302-634834 .

What is the best way to report an issue or get support for a DAS ?

The best way to report an issue or get support is to call our dedicated managed networks NOC at +233-302-634-834 staff is available 24/7.

I'm a landlord and have questions regarding the communications site on my property, who do I contact?

Please contact asset management at +233-302-652923 or

I'm a concerned party who has questions about activity, such as construction, lighting, and security, at a site, who do I contact?

Please call our 24/7 NOC toll free at +233-302-634834.

New and Existing Customers

Who should I talk to about a new collocation?

Please contact our sales team at +233 (0)302 652901 or

I’m interested in one of your sites, who can I contact for information on availability?

Please contact our sales team at +233 (0)302 652901 or any additional questions.

How do I obtain a status on my project?

You can reach out to your assigned Account Project Manager or assigned Sales Account Manager at any time for a status update.

Why is a structural analysis necessary?

ATC Ghana requires an engineering service be completed for the following reasons:

  • To certify the tower is structurally capable of accommodating the proposed equipment.
  • In accordance with reasonable and prudent engineering practices.
  • ATC Ghana is contractually obligated to undertake the analysis.

Selling or Leasing Property

How do I sell or lease my property to ATC Ghana?

We only develop new tower sites based on customer need. If you would like to enter your property into our database, please complete the Property Submission Form. If there is interest in using your property to develop a tower site, we will contact you directly.

Selling a Tower

Who do I talk to about selling my tower to ATC Ghana?

Please contact Sales and Marketing at +233 (0)302 652901 .

Billing and Payments

Can I pay by credit card?

ATC Ghana does not currently accept payment by credit card, but we are looking to offer this option soon.

How can I receive copies of my lease or other documents?

Please contact your assigned Sales Account Manager, or call our office line at +233 (0)54 799 3668 to request copies of any necessary documentation.

Where can I get a statement of account?

Please contact your assigned Accounts Receivable Officer or your assigned Sales Account Manager with the respective month’s statement needed. Alternatively, call the office line at +233 (0)54 799 3668 information.

How do I change my billing address or other account-related information?

Please contact your assigned Sales Accounts Manager to have the information updated in our system. It’s important to note, you may need to provide documentation to support the information change before we can update our system.

Why did my bill increase?

Please contact your assigned Account Receivable or your assigned Sales Account Manager for information on your request or guidance for issue resolution where required.

What could make the payment process go faster?

If you’re a customer who receives monthly invoices, providing the invoice number with your payment can help speed the payment process.

If you don’t receive monthly invoices, providing the American Tower lease number or tower number with your payment, as well as identifying the month(s) being paid, can help ensure quick and accurate payment processing.

Receiving Payments

Who do I contact to inquire about my payment?

Please contact accounts payable at +233 (0)54 799 3668 or email

Where do I submit a Purchase Order (PO)?

Please submit all POs to for processing.

Where do I submit an invoice or statement?

Please submit all invoices and statements to for processing.

How do I enroll in direct deposit?

Please submit all invoices and statements to for processing.

Share Your Feedback

At ATC Ghana, we are committed to collecting, reviewing, and acting on the customer feedback we receive—all with the goal of continually improving how we serve you. When working with us, you will be invited to provide your input along the way. Or, you can visit us here to share your thoughts at any time.