Make Informed Decisions

Make the right decisions for your business. From the moment you first contact us, we work closely with you to ensure you have all the information needed to choose the options most closely aligned with your business goals and financial realities.

Rely on Our Sales Experts

Team up with our experienced sales professionals:

  • Work with specialists who can help you quickly and effectively plan your project. Our sales team members are available to assist you.
  • Navigate even the most complex, contract-based business requirements. Our dedicated, account-based sales team members specialize in the needs of larger companies.
  • Partner with our industry experts. We can provide knowledge and insight specific to your business, network infrastructure, and environmental requirements.
  • Meet your infrastructure needs. Our highly experienced sales team is ready to help.

Simplify Network Planning

Plan your network expansion with ATC Ghana:

  • Let us provide you with filtered lists of sites that meet your specific requirements for location, height, available space, structural capacity and power.
  • Find site locations with the advanced mapping technology in our site locator.
  • Gain access to industry intelligence, including population and market data and numbers of households within reach of sites, to better understand the factors that influence success in various locations.

Speed the Leasing Process

Simplify every stage of network development. Our efficient and proven processes ensure you enjoy a positive and consistent experience every time you connect with us.

Here’s a high-level overview of how it works:

  • Pre-leasing: Rely on our experts and convenient tools to find the ideal sites for your business requirements and budget.
  • Leasing: Apply for sites that match your network needs, secure engineering and permitting documentation, sign your mutually beneficial agreement, and get ready to connect with us.
  • Post-leasing: Count on our support throughout your equipment installation and beyond, including monitoring and maintenance of sites and help with future modifications.

Share Your Feedback

At ATC Ghana, we are committed to collecting, reviewing, and acting on the customer feedback we receive—all with the goal of continually improving how we serve you. When working with us, you will be invited to provide your input along the way. Or, you can visit us here to share your thoughts at any time.