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Wireless users expect 24/7 network connectivity. Disruptions in service caused by power outages cost network operators time, money and potentially customers.

Reliable and uninterrupted power supply is critical to maintain network uptime. In recent years, increased demand for power, fuel supply challenges and equipment failure leading to a sustained load-shedding program caused most of the grid power outages in the country.

ATC Ghana provides efficient reliable power to secure the operations of wireless operators. We offer modular power solutions to provide AC and DC Power that provide wireless operators with the highest levels of power availability in the Ghana market, with high quality service in a structure that is tailored to suit the unique requirements of different sites. We run a 24/7 state-of-the-art Network Operation Center (NOC) for efficient monitoring, ticketing and fault resolution in addition to performing all ongoing maintenance of our power systems.


ATC power solutions are proven to deliver reliable power for maintaining network uptime. Over the past few years, ATC has maintained industry-leading levels of AC power availability via grid and generator backup.


Our proven power solutions address the critical power challenges and hardening of the site through detailed planning, coordination, resources and efficient power management. We ensure sites have power, so wireless operators can focus on their core business.

ATC’s efficient and reliable power solutions provide wireless operators with high network availability while our shared power infrastructure model allows them to run their networks in a cost-effective manner.

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