DC Solution

ATC Ghana’s DC power solutions totally eliminate customer CAPEX investment in battery backup systems whiles ensuring the highest industry power availability figures.

DC Power is designed to provide our customers with the financial freedom to plan their OPEX expenditure by providing a fixed price point every month as long as the customer’s power usage is within an agreed power band (kWh). DC Power leverages the inherent stability in DC power systems to ensure the protection and enhanced life span of customer equipment. This is an Uninterrupted DC power supply with healthy back up, essential to continuously power up the wireless equipment on site. ATC provides highly efficient and modular DC Power solutions per site specific requirement to enhance power availability.

With ATC DC Power, our customers can deploy DC power equipment without maintaining their individual battery backup systems leading customer CAPEX benefits. ATC take full responsibility of DC power on site and the power systems are integrated with ATC network monitoring system for efficient monitoring, control and maintenance of DC power solutions. ATC centralized DC Power solutions allow network operators to focus on core business, improve revenue and minimize the CAPEX investment for power equipment.


  • Provide customers power SLA as per agreed options
    • Increase customer site availability
    • Higher revenue generated per site due to increased availability
    • ATC CAPEX investment by power system selected per site
    • Grid and off-grid power solutions
  • Predictable power pricing model
    • Banded kW pricing model – projected annual savings
    • Pricing structure to motivate and encourage operator to reduce power consumption and benefit from the reduction
    • ATC to manage and effectively reduce generator run hours
    • Average of 140 generator run hours included per site within fixed power fee across portfolio
  • Outsource power systems
    • ATC Ghana is 100% responsible for power availability on DC power supply sites
    • Improved monitoring and power reporting
    • Eliminate customer technology obsolescence
    • Annual OPEX savings for customers – replacement, spares, theft and maintenance
  • Additional saving
    • DC system replacement and maintenance
      • CAPEX re-investment every 2-3 years
      • Spares – rectifier, batteries, controller
      • Optimize internal customer resources
    • Reduction in carbon footprint
    • Replace end-of-life DC systems
    • Maintenance cost of DC systems
    • Real-time monitoring – able to make smart/fact based operational decisions
    • Customized reports based on customer requirements

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